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Artificial Grass is the Lawn Surface of the Future

Says that she and her mother have been living in a house with a real grass lawn fo 60 years, for instance, one homeowner in Orange County. Both she and her mother are open to installing fake turf if keeping their ongoing real grass lawn becomes unsustainable. But as they went shopping this weekend they walked by an fake turf supply store and her mother declared that synthetic grass is the yard surfacing material of the future.

A good number of residents and homeowners in California agree that the state's approval of synthetic grass is the beginning of a larger wave to come in the future, immediately following Governor Jerry Brown's announcement that a 25% reduction in California's water usage is mandated. During his initial announcement, governor Jerry Brown stated that the idea of having a nice little green turf lawn getting watered every day is a thing of the past.

are now not only open to but keen on converting their lawns to artificial turf. The California Water Resources Control Board is scheduled to release its proposal for how they will achieve a 25% reduction in two weeks. 2015 Many, the restrictions are to take effect on June 1.

Etc, , yet, she said that she and her mother are not willing to go so far as to install drought-tolerant xeriscaping like cacti. Because it doesn't supply the functionality that a fake grass lawn provides as far as being a suitable surface for the kids and supporting physical activities and the entire family to play, in their yard.

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