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Artificial Grass Santa Barbara California
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Benefits of Pet Grass

, natural or artificial However, but the pet's urine contains chemicals which day by day are destroying any turf. That means no more watering your lawn or paying for lawn trims. Cats and pet grass is made especially for pets such as dogs, what's that? There's such a thing as pet turf? That's exact, there is a specific model of artificial turf just for pets! With all the advantages as any other type of fake turf. The technology behind the pet turf is something we call Flo-Rite-Thru technology. But we want to avoid any unpleasant association, we love our pets, of course. What are you waiting for pet-lovers?, go and get that pet grass!. It allows liquids such as dog urine to quickly pass through the turf instead of lingering. With Flo-Rite-Thru technology, the special structure of our pet turf helps to get rid of any unwanted residue left behind by pets quickly and efficiently Where. can you find this special type of pet grass? Right here at Global Syn Turf! Call us today and we will help you start your project. You and your pets will definitely enjoy the freedom it comes with, with a new natural looking synthetic lawn.

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