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Global Syn-Turf Premieres New Artificial Grass Technologies to Address Ongoing California Drought

On the increasing popularity of artificial grass, "The increased interest in Global Syn-Turf's products is a testament to the growth and success of the synthetic grass industry and Global Syn-Turf as a company, rachel Brady said. Since then, more visitors each year and attracting more, global Syn-Turf have showcased their products annually. Artificial turf has gone from just a niche industry to being a part of the popular landscaping vernacular", in only in six years.

This hands-on experience encourages professionals and consumers alike to make the connection between their gardening and landscaping decisions and the environment and community". Syn-Turf has attended the Carmel Valley Garden Show for several years and was pleased once again to be a representative of the artificial turf industry in Northern California", global Syn-Turf's Sales and Marketing Manager, said Rachel Brady. On display at Global Syn-Turf's booth were artificial grass samples, installation pamphlets and brochures "Global. "This show is just one of the ways that Global Syn-Turf interacts with the Northern California community. Shows like this are critical for the improvement of our products and the fake grass and landscaping industries.

Throughout the show, global Syn-Turf and the show's participants were cognizant of California's water woes. And, due to Governor Jerry Brown's announcement last week of upcoming mandated water usage reduction, global Syn-Turf's products were repeatedly noticed by visitors for their unequaled water efficiency.

Global Syn-Turf was founded in 2009. Rachel Brady said the superior reward for Global Syn-Turf's participation in the show was seeing visitors' reaction to their drought-tolerant artificial turf products. He was approached throughout the first hours of the Carmel Valley Garden Show by visitors asking for tips on how to install artificial turf and about its diverse water-saving benefits.

On April 3rd, cA, attended the 46th annual Carmel Valley Garden Show in Carmel Valley, where it showcased its drought-tolerant artificial grass products and industry expertise to the Northern California community, the leading fake grass manufacturer. Inc, , global Syn-Turf.

In short, joy of having a lawn with none of the harmful side effects" and artificial turf affords the utility. A profound percentage of that excess quantity can be eliminated plainly by installing fake turf in yards. And we're facing a mandatory 25% reduction in water usage it's, continued Rachel Brady, vital to emphasize that there are opportunities to substitute water-intensive lawn materials with drought-tolerant materials like artificial grass -- which is just as aesthetic as real grass", "Since there's a drought exact now. "The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the average household uses 96 gallons of water per day on outdoor uses. And more than half of that water is used for watering lawns and gardens.

This eagerly anticipated event drew people from all over the region who came out for the extraordinary vendors. The vendors, ranging from professional gardeners to flower arrangers to landscaping companies, methodologies and displayed their latest products.

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