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School Sells Ad Space on Field Surface to Pay for Synthetic Turf

The high school has sold ad space on the surface of the field itself to local companies. Additional funding for the fake turf field came from clubs and donations. Including a local Chick-Fil-A, the field currently has 20 ads displayed in panels in the synthetic turf itself. A high school in Belleville, iL, has taken a novel approach to raising the necessary funds to pay for their new synthetic turf field.

It's a proven efficient choice of raising money to pay for synthetic turf fields that you may want to propose at your next school board meeting.

Or replace it with a new ad-paneled artificial turf, and when the companies want to take away the ads, replace it with a synthetic turf that matches the color of the rest of the field and all the high school has to do is cut out the turf with the ad display on it, the ad panels are currently sold for five-year periods.

For many high schools, installing fake turf gives their teams a competitive edge. No matter the weather conditions, the artificial turf surface allows them to training on the field 365 days a year, habituates them to playing on a surface material that is quickly becoming the standard material in high school sports and. Installing the artificial turf in the field can be prohibitively costly for many high schools, all the same.

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