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Synthetic Turf Field Politics

It seems that the debate around synthetic turf crumb rubber infill will just have to continue until conclusive tests have been completed.

Etc, the Synthetic Turf Council have touted the obvious benefits of fake turf, and on still another hand, reduced care costs and water savings.

If the tests prove that the fields are harmful to children, schools are reticent to allow their turf fields to be tested for fear of negative publicity and having to pay to have their turf fields replaced, and on the other hand, which costs more than $1 million.

The controversy around crumb rubber infill continues as a new in-depth piece in the USA nowadays was published nowadays surveying the political dispute occurring between school artificial turf sports field superintendents, consumer protection agencies, environmental agencies and.

Due to recent political pressure, they have stated that the security of such rubbers is not conclusive. The Environmental Protection Agency has historically supported the use of crumb rubber infills in fake turf fieldsd in their effort to recycle old car tires, furthermore.

The Consumer Product security commission is being criticized for publishing a headline in 2008 proclaiming that synthetic turf with crumb rubber infills was "OK to install, oK to play on", despite the fact that the tests they had conducted were not conclusive, on the one hand.

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