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What Is Kool-Max?

Kool-Max was designed to keep fake turf cooler in hot climates. What is Kool-Max? Kool-Max is a technology. Kool-Max is new to the industry and is a genuinely original product. GST ships to all states in the US. Get rid of the shiny look of fake turf and, enhance airflow, koolMax products stand apart from other products because they deflect light, limit sheen. Summer is the flawless season to invest in Kool-Max artificial turf technology. Last week we discussed blade design technologies and how it affects several types of fake grass. and recommends professional installers to make sure your new lawn looks splendid. We will be talking about Kool-Max, nowadays. Which as we discussed earlier makes the turf look lifelike, koolMax is part of the W-Blade series. The time to order is now! GST offers some products that use Kool-Max including the W-Blade 60 and the W-Blade 80. KoolMax series of synthetic turf are on average 15 degrees cooler than any other turf of the marketThe, tested in the controlled environment by experts in the fake turf industry.

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